Social campaigning Act for Europe!

Europe is history — but one that is far from over. The history of Europe begins knew every day. And people write them. We are not leaving Europe to the institutions. We, togetherness, that is Europe. The Europe we want to strengthen. To empower us people with the idea of acting. All of us are Europe. So all of us Make Europe! Everyday. From now on.

So we collect European biographies, faces and stories. And we let these biographies call to action for Europe. We show Europeans of all nations. Mixed pairs. Children who arise from these connections. As a still moving image.

This reflects our self-image of Europe. Reclining, moving and open. Looking into the world and demanding. We need courage to stand up for Europe.

We stop for a moment to become aware of ourselves. The direct glances towards the Viewer demand action.


This campaign idea was our contribution to the invitation by Wolfgang Tillman, Stephan Petermann und Rem Koolhaas to the Forum on European Culture, Amsterdam, 31.5. – 3.6.2018. Together with 30 Creatives from all around Europe, we worked together on a new campaign for the european election 2019. And founded a new network of creatives supporting the european idea: Act for Europe!


andreafamily from Jan Knopp on Vimeo.