We invented Hummus Casimir 

As a reaction to the financing affair around August Francois von Finck (Main Stockholder of the Mövenpick Group) and the german rightwing party AFD, we invented our first recipe as a cookorial comment: The Hummus Casimir.

Since the Riz Casimir was invented 1952 by the Mövenpick-Restaurant-Chain, it became over the years an international-flavored Swiss national dish. In some hard work in mixing and tasting, our cook-taste-clash-team (Anders Modig, Jan Knopp, Leon Auberger, Mahmoud Al Hariri and Raja Dibeh) reinterpreted this old fashioned recipe into a modern translation related to the Swiss-migration-context.

So we invented Hummus Casimir. A perfect starter for every fusion menu. We took roasted “Basler Bauernbrot” (fresh roasted Basler Farmers Bread) as a base. We seasoned it with a light garlic-sesam-oil-mixture. For the topping, we pimped classical Hummus with fresh pineaple, curry, cumin moulu and pepper. For the finish, we crested the ensemble with a selfmade salted patacones (double fried plantain) and cress.

Accompanied was the Hummus Casimir with a Purple Falafel. Falafel topped with a beetroot hash and a slice of salted pickled dill herring.